Goat curry to cook for the whole family
Goat curry to cook for the whole family together to learn cooking secrets learned shortly delicious goat curry, bold position to take the delicious family meals on the weekends loves offline! Delicious, dark curry goat should properly have standards contemplating bold orange, eating little and then compare the fat without causing sick. So if on the weekend but enjoy goat curry with bread, rice or fresh noodles too were. Fantastic kitchen from the house if you can smell the fragrant of curry goat on a beautiful morning. And to do that, let's track how curry goat below Delicious goat curry, bold taste for delicious family meals on the weekends loves Ingredients: - 500g goat - 1 eggplant - 100g okra - 140ml fresh milk - 1 purple onion - 1 small root ginger - 2 cloves of discharge - Half a packet curry powder - half cup white wine - County seasoning, chili dry, edible oils - coconut flour or coconut milk - 1 cinnamon twig Preliminary processing: - Wash and drain goat meat, ginger and continue beating for half a cup of white wine, use ginger and white wine mixture to then sprinkle on the meat goat for half an hour. After that time, you take the goat out to cut into bite size pieces. - Wash the okra and cut into pieces. Rinse the eggplant and cut into bite size pieces. - Peel and thinly sliced ??red onion. - Stamping dam discharge and chopped basil to separate. Method: - You put the oil pan on the stove, to heat then fried goat meat on goat meat to the surface again, the hunt for a disc. - Okra, eggplant and sauté for you then turn off the stove. - Then take a clean pot to another and add oil to non-fragrant shallot, lemongrass and add curry powder, stirring. Next for goat meat, chilli powder into (the amount entered paprika spicy depending on whether you want it or not), add a cup of water, coconut milk powder, fresh milk, seasoning to cook. You cook until boiling, then reduce to low heat. Note, if you do not want to use coconut flour which is used pure coconut milk should be prepared and recommended only when the meat is cooked. - Continue to simmer until cooked goat meat is cooked through, then the eggplant, okra cooked in water in a pot and then match the cinnamon leaves. And now you have to prepare aromatic curry goat out and enjoy. Rice, bread, noodles can be used with this goat curry. So you can make curry goat and enjoy any meal of the day that you like or when meeting all the members of the family. Too has not it? Wish you have a delicious meal with curry goat world, the type of tourism trekking (trek) has long been become popular. In Vietnam, about four years ago Beginners trekking tourism development due to the nature lover and like to exercise. In the opinion of many Vietnamese and foreigners who love trekking, the terrain, the climate of Vietnam Special