How long a break in style in 2016
How long a break in style cookery Forum 2016 today will guide you how long a break in style easily done at home to help you have a good food for the family. Not simply dragging items or dissipated, breaking long when you enjoy the same bread or rice can also be used as the main dish for the family meal. So if you know the secret of delicious dishes Gets break you Doing so long a break and changed position more varied meals to enjoy with the whole family Breaking materials floor: - 1 pig heart - 1 ear pig - pig tongue 1 - 1 pig stomach - 1 teaspoon five spice powder - 2 fresh coconuts for water - Half a cup of soy sauce - Onion, garlic, pepper, paprika, sugar, salt and chili sauce Preliminary processing of raw materials - purchased pigs on your stomach flipped inside out and rub with salt, then rinse with cold water. - Tongue pork, pig heart and pig ears poaches boiling water. Then you pig tongue and ears shaved pork and rinse with salt water, then rinse in cold water. - Finally, you wash the pig stomach, pig tongue, pig ears, pig heart with white wine and drained. - Onion, garlic, peeled and minced you. - Coconut cut out to get water. How to make a clearance floor: - You marinated pork tripe, pig ears, pig tongue and pig heart with five spice powder, chili sauce, soy sauce, salt, sugar, pepper, chili powder in about 2 hours. - After two hours, you get a pan on the stove and add oil to heat and non-aromatic onion and minced garlic. Next, your stomach for pig, pig tongue, pig ears and pig heart into fried. - When the ingredients have browned, add the coconut milk prepared to cook. Then you cook with the water in a saucepan over low heat to match the wedge back to just mouth is. - Finally, you pick up the pig stomach, pig tongue, pig ears and pig heart out and cut into bite size pieces that can be enjoyed. Now, let's move out hot pot dishes to the table to enjoy with bread or rice with pickles care!! Make sure your family will have a delicious meal. Hello and see you.